Idaho State Championship Series


This should cover all the questions you might have about the Championship Series.

1. What is the Championship Series?

The Championship Series is a series of Magic: The Gathering qualifying events that culminates into one big championship tournament at the end of the season.

2. What constitutes a season?

The series is broken into two seasons throughout the year. The first season is from February through July, and the second season is from August through January.

3. What is a qualifying event?

These are events held and sponsored by local game stores across five different states. The events can be any format at the store’s discretion. The cost is determined by each store, and you have a chance to win unique season playmats and a chance at an invitation to the Championship event.

4. How do I get into the championship tournament?

In order to get an invite to the Championship Tournament, you can either get 1st-4th place at a qualifying event, OR 1st-4th place at the Last Chance Qualifier.

** If you win a Qualifier regardless of format, you will receive the mat, the invite, and the round 1 bye. You can play in other events during the season, but you are only allowed one round one bye, even if you place first in multiple events.

5. What is the Last Chance Qualifier?

It’s a special event held before the championship tournament that provides invitations to four more lucky winners.

6. What is the Championship Tournament?

The final event in the season. You have a chance to win special playmats and huge cash prizes. The format is standard constructed and there’s no admission fee for those invited.

7. Where is the Championship Tournament located?

For Season 1 it is located in Pocatello Idaho at Quests and Legends. For future seasons the championship event will be moved to a more central location to be determined at a later date.

8. Is transportation covered in the invite to the championship event?

No, you’ll be responsible for getting to the championship event and acquiring hotel accommodations if needed. The championship tournament will cover the cost for you to play in the main event for those invited.

9. Will there be food and drink available at the location?

We are not specifically providing food and drink to the players. However, there are multiple places you can purchase food and drinks within walking distance of the venue.

10. How many stores are participating in the qualifying events?

For season 1 we have 26 stores in five states. For future seasons, store participation may vary. If you’d like your local store to be a part of next season, be sure to let them know!

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